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28 Jun, 2009

State of the maple leaf

Posted by: alex in: Gibbering

I think my tastebuds are maturing or something. Many things I once loved now no longer appeal to me. Like Quiznos Black Angus subs, Creamsicle Extremes, in fact I find I can’t abide by HFCS flavoured Coke. All things being equal, this is probably for the best. But I find it curious. I used to […]

26 Jun, 2009

In Vancouver

Posted by: alex in: canada

So, we made it to Vancouver about 24 hours ago, and have been recovering from jetlag, making plans etc since then. The area we’re staying seems to have experienced a bit of rejuvenation since last time we were here, which is good, and we’re in the same room I had back in 2003 when I […]

08 Jun, 2009

Still alive

Posted by: alex in: canada|crosspost

We’ve been on silent running for the last little while. Moving plans have gone well, we’ve got most of our storage issues sorted, only a few things left to sort out (what we’re doing with the car, what we’re doing with my computer, sorting out what we’re doing with our health insurance while we’re overseas) […]