State of the maple leaf

I think my tastebuds are maturing or something. Many things I once loved now no longer appeal to me. Like Quiznos Black Angus subs, Creamsicle Extremes, in fact I find I can’t abide by HFCS flavoured Coke.

All things being equal, this is probably for the best. But I find it curious. I used to love that stuff, now it tastes sickly.

In other news, I now have a Canadian Bank Account, Social Insurance Number and cellphone number. All we need now are jobs and somewhere to live :D We have this hostel room until July 3, and more than enough money, but I couldn’t blame a landlord for not wanting to rent to us since we don’t have jobs. Not that we’ve tried.

We’re looking at share-housing with one of Elizabeth’s friends, but that may not occur until after 3 July, so we’d need somewhere in the meantime. I’m thinking initially a short term rental from somewhere on craigslist (even at $700/pw, it’d be cheaper than here), then get the sharehouse happening.

All the while also looking for work.

In Vancouver

So, we made it to Vancouver about 24 hours ago, and have been recovering from jetlag, making plans etc since then. The area we’re staying seems to have experienced a bit of rejuvenation since last time we were here, which is good, and we’re in the same room I had back in 2003 when I stayed here. Hah.

Much love to all, except Air Canada, for the inflight announcements at full volume which almost popped my eardrums.

Still alive

We’ve been on silent running for the last little while. Moving plans have gone well, we’ve got most of our storage issues sorted, only a few things left to sort out (what we’re doing with the car, what we’re doing with my computer, sorting out what we’re doing with our health insurance while we’re overseas)

16 days to go!