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So, I finally bought a house, after starting to look in 2004 ;) In fairness – life plans etc meant buying one earlier wasn’t the right move. But I have some rants about the process so far. Include floorplans, holy hell. If your real estate agent doesn’t include creating a floorplan and having it on […]

06 Apr, 2015

Nikon AW130 Mini-review

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I recently went on a once in a lifetime trip to St Maarten.. it was pretty awesome. I had done some pre-scouting online, and worked out that my primary photographic objective was planes at SXM (you’ll know when you see it..), but that there were also some really cool beaches there, so I figured now […]

If you’re trying to set the time on a brand new out of box Cisco Nexus 5500 and you get the message “Setting clock from CLI is not allowed in this VDC.”, it’s because the clock protocol is set to ntp, even though you didn’t configure NTP. Go into config and type “clock protocol none”, […]

12 Jul, 2013

Las Vegas with Penny and Kim

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This week, I went to Las Vegas. For a day. I arrived in at about 9:30PM, and left the next day at the same time. I went along for Chris and Rachel’s wedding.. and their wedding guest, Kim, Penny and Laura. Yay seeing Perth people. I also had a pretty full week at work.. so […]

These days I’m doing a lot of work implementing Datacentre equipment, including SANs, servers and switches. I recently installed some Brocade VDX6720 switches. Pretty cool stuff, especially the way that TRILL and vLAGs work so easily. I had a loaner switch, running Network OS (NOS) 3.0.1aa, while waiting for the final switches to be delivered. […]

03 Feb, 2013

FileVault on SSD

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After the previously posted of “thieving gits” in 2009, I now encrypt my laptop, and was prepared to take a performance hit for it, and this is just fine. For the OCZ Agility 4 I just got (AGT4-25SAT3-512G) – this is the “411”, as they say here. Without encrypting, blackmagic speed test was 208MB/sec write, […]

02 Feb, 2013

OCZ Agility 4 in MacBook Pro (Mid 2009)

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I sort of regard replacing hard drives like changing oil in a car – something you need to do to keep things working. It might last, but it probably won’t. So along those lines, I’ve just replaced the hard drive in my MacBook Pro with a new SSD – my local computer store had two […]

09 Sep, 2012


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Eagle, a photo by theducks on Flickr. Damn fine bird

08 Sep, 2012

Artists Point / Mount Baker, Washington State

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Artists Point / Mount Baker, Washington State, a photo by theducks on Flickr. Went to Mount Baker today – beautiful place. Also set up to only have comments via Facebook. Sorry.

10 Aug, 2012

Wow, it’s been a while!

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It occurs to me that it’s been almost 10 months since I updated this! So what has happened since then.. We went to NYC and Washington DC. Was very awesome. Went to Comic Con in NYC, Smithsonians in DC. Had Elizabeth’s family visit over Christmas. Spent time over on Tofino with them, also a few […]