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03 Feb, 2013

FileVault on SSD

Posted by: alex in: Gibbering

After the previously posted of “thieving gits” in 2009, I now encrypt my laptop, and was prepared to take a performance hit for it, and this is just fine. For the OCZ Agility 4 I just got (AGT4-25SAT3-512G) – this is the “411”, as they say here. Without encrypting, blackmagic speed test was 208MB/sec write, […]

02 Feb, 2013

OCZ Agility 4 in MacBook Pro (Mid 2009)

Posted by: alex in: Gibbering

I sort of regard replacing hard drives like changing oil in a car – something you need to do to keep things working. It might last, but it probably won’t. So along those lines, I’ve just replaced the hard drive in my MacBook Pro with a new SSD – my local computer store had two […]