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24 May, 2009

arduino rgb ethernet light :D

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Some time ago (October), I saw Philips Livingcolour lamps and thought they were awesome and I should make one. I did some thinking, and decided not to re-invent the wheel, and make some changes.

22 May, 2009

screw you from Singapore Airlines

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I used to be quite a Singapore Airlines fanboy. But they’re not keeping up the cool. Firstly, a few months ago, they cut ALL of their flights to Vancouver, and now only fly codeshare via San Francisco. This is not what I want. Therefore, we’re flying with Air Canada. Now I get an email saying […]

21 May, 2009

Accommodation booked for Vancouver!

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We have some immediate accommodation booked to see us through from June 25th – July 3rd. I’ll keep my fan club off my trail and not say where, but it will do quite nicely. The weeding of belongings continues, but I still need to arrange storage for a few cubic metres of stuff. Hmm!

18 May, 2009

On lens envy

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Pete Souza is a lucky guy. He gets to be official Whitehouse photographer, not just the current one, but he was also Reagan’s too. He also gets to play with lots of shiny toys, and uploads photos to the Whitehouse flickr stream. Thanks to this, you can EXIF stalk his kit. But not too closely. […]

16 May, 2009

State of play

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Well, marathon effort, but everything got moved out on time, carpets, windows, bathrooms cleaned. New tenant happy. Also sat on 11 interviews at UWA and did a budget submission for a university unit. Talk about a week of burning the candle at both ends and then starting in the middle.. Now things are quieter. Staying […]

06 May, 2009

Execute order 66

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After a while being concerned with the state of and how hard it was to update, I’ve migrated them both into a single install of WordPress on, including a new site design, cross posting, twitter feed syndication, and eventually flickr and facebook integration. Most of the old content from is still […]

05 May, 2009

Movin’ on up

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.. to the north side .. Our packing continues unabated. Unfortunately the nice NZ couple didn’t end up renting this place, and they haven’t contacted me about furniture, so we’re now going through and arranging with everyone that they still want what they have claimed. Let me or Elizabeth know if anything grabs your fancy.. […]

05 May, 2009

One more thing..

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The MaxM’s aren’t as bright as I hoped. Just as well I have two of them ;) For my reference though, this is the flickr photostream of the guy who invented them.


05 May, 2009


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My BlinkMs and MaxMs finally arrived last night. Very cool. It does however seem that sketch that lets the scheduler communicate with them only runs on Arduino 0012, while the sketch for my Ethernet shield only runs on Arduino 0015. Which brings me to some self beration over buying that shield. I bought the older […]


05 May, 2009

For Sale

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Here’s the deal.. I’m not going to break kneecaps if people change their mind, so even if it’s claimed, feel free to pipe up and go into the list. click through to view