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After a while being concerned with the state of theducks.org and how hard it was to update canada.theducks.org, I’ve migrated them both into a single install of WordPress on http://theducks.org, including a new site design, cross posting, twitter feed syndication, and eventually flickr and facebook integration.

Most of the old content from theducks.org is still there, or the links have been redirected.

Very very happy with WordPress so far. It’s so clean and easy to setup, use and customise. The only thing I haven’t been able to work out how to do is make pages that exist at specified URLs, are managed by WordPress, but which don’t appear in sidebars, indexes etc. I want a 410 page to deal with any content I don’t want migrated, but maybe a 404 will have to do.

So yeah, check it out – http://theducks.org

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