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19 Jul, 2010

merging passwd and shadow files

Posted by: alex in: Gibbering|Linux

I wrote a Perl script to merge /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files from two hosts In the words of Elizabeth “Now you have two problems?” See below. Sadly wordpress doesn’t do.. well.. any job of indenting. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve munged the passwd hash in the file :P #!/usr/bin/perl open PASSWD, “</etc/passwd” or die […]

06 Jul, 2010

For @JuliaGillard

Posted by: alex in: Gibbering

Dear Prime Minister Gillard, To begin, I congratulate you on your commencement as new Prime Minister of Australia. My wife and I are Australian Citizens currently living overseas in Canada and working as IT consultants and watched the change unfold with great interest. I write to you in agreement with the Australian Government’s continued efforts […]