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30 Nov, 2009

Boeing Tour

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A preface.. a week or two ago, Boeing rolled out the first 787-8f. I wasn’t a fan of the livery, and said so on twitter. The twitter rep for Boeing’s Future of Flight noticed this, and invited me down to have a look at it in person, and take the tour of the factory, for […]

In my previous post on the subject, I expanded Filesystems on LVM without rebooting, by adding more partitions. As pointed out by Zanchey, there is a much cleaner way to do this, by just resizing existing partitions being used by LVM. # fdisk /dev/sda The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 9790. […]

Edit 2009-11-16: Use these instructions instead – much cleaner way of doing it In my day job, I help look after a pretty big VMware cluster (20 blades running 350+ servers, mix of Linux and Windows). On Linux, we use LVM for flexibility. Conventional wisdom on the subject of growing seems to have said that […]

12 Nov, 2009

The secret life of ships

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Following the armistice of 1918, the German Navy was moved to Scapa Flow, and moored there with their German crews while the greedy allies decided who would get what ships. Ze Germans however, wanted nothing of this, so despite the armistice, scuttled the ships, an act of war in and of its own. Some of […]

07 Nov, 2009

upgraded pc

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A few weeks ago, I bought a Acer Aspire X1301 + LCD, since it was a great deal.. C$399 + tax + enviro fees. I then sold the LCD for $50, leaving me with a C$349 computer. The plucky little Acer had some problems.. its power for gaming was.. limited, to say the least, and […]