A homecoming planned

Many moons ago, we booked tickets for Canada, leaving Perth 24 June 2009, returning 17 Feb 2010. We couldn’t book them for the exact period of time we wanted.. plans were to stick around for a year, so we thought we’d just change dates.

Well.. erm. We like it here. So we’re going to take the tickets home, clean up some loose ends then head back here again in early/mid March, probably on a return ticket that would have us back in Perth during Christmas 2010/ NY 2011.

Plans for our time in Perth include dinner at Utopia (firstly probably on the 18th), then O-Day on the 19th of Feb. We’re also heading up to Karratha to visit family on the long weekend of Feb 26-Mar 1. I’ve never been there before, so that should be fun.

Not entirely sure where we’re going to be staying while we’re in Perth, since both of our parents are talking about renting out their homes, but eh, that’s part of the excitement :)

Qantas’s bicycle plane

Was going through some old digital photos (2002 :P) and came across one of a Qantas 767 with a white tail (instead of a red one). Did some reading up on it. They operated a couple of them after Ansett’s collapse in 2001.

One in particular was frame 27909/591, built in 1995.

Turns out this plane gets around a bit. Since 1995, it has been operated by:

  • Lauda Air
  • Vietnam Airlines (with Australian registration..)
  • back to Lauda
  • untitled with US reg
  • Kenya Airways (again with Australian reg)
  • Qantas
  • back to untitled with US reg
  • back to Vietnam Airlines (with Vietnam reg)
  • Air China
  • Varig
  • and now with Ethiopian Airlines

I think I’d be worried about hull thickness with the number of times this has been stripped and repainted :P