Qantas’s bicycle plane

Was going through some old digital photos (2002 :P) and came across one of a Qantas 767 with a white tail (instead of a red one). Did some reading up on it. They operated a couple of them after Ansett’s collapse in 2001.

One in particular was frame 27909/591, built in 1995.

Turns out this plane gets around a bit. Since 1995, it has been operated by:

  • Lauda Air
  • Vietnam Airlines (with Australian registration..)
  • back to Lauda
  • untitled with US reg
  • Kenya Airways (again with Australian reg)
  • Qantas
  • back to untitled with US reg
  • back to Vietnam Airlines (with Vietnam reg)
  • Air China
  • Varig
  • and now with Ethiopian Airlines

I think I’d be worried about hull thickness with the number of times this has been stripped and repainted :P

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