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27 Oct, 2010

“I guess it’s pretty big”

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Aviation Geekfest 2010 022 Originally uploaded by FutureofFlight This is us standing in front of the mighty GE-90 of Boeing 777 Line Number 903 for Turkish Airlines. I’m just behind the right-most person of the front row

26 Oct, 2010

Aussiecon 2

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Aussiecon 2 Originally uploaded by theducks We’re down in Portland right now, catching up with Perth friends Jen and Chas. Has been fun.

23 Oct, 2010

Boeing Aviation Geek Fest 2010

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Today was the 2010 Boeing Aviation Geek Fest. Let me begin by saying, going on the Boeing tour at the best of times is pretty geeky. This on the other hand, is a once a year tour they don’t promote heavily, but the aviation geeks find out about one way or another.. It’s slightly more […]

08 Oct, 2010

Dear Cisco, wtf are you thinking?

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As an expatriated person, I find myself thinking of home sometimes. Video conferencing with people from the old country is fun, so I thought I’d have a look at the details on Cisco’s new Umi video conferencing unit. Let me say, I have no idea what they’re thinking here. It’s for home use. It costs […]