Tim Minchin in concert!

Over the last few months, I’ve really become a big fan of Perth boy Tim Minchin. Of all the ways I could have really looked into his music, I was reminded of my desire to look into it by a co-worker of mine here in Vancouver.

Being relevant to my interests, I found out he was playing in Seattle, and was initially in a quandary, since it was at the same time as another show that Elizabeth wanted to see on the other side of Seattle. Thankfully he put on a second show, so we both went to the one Elizabeth wanted to see on Friday, then I went to Tim’s show last night.

So I spent my Saturday night in the Neptune Theater of Seattle, with about 600 other people, watching the son of a high school friend of my mother’s as he played:

He’s an incredibly talented musician and pianist, and has amazing comic timing too. In the stilted timings of a guest of Adventure World in the early 2000s: “It was really good.”

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