Australian food

We went to a place called Moose’s Downunder for lunch on Sunday, who bill themselves as providing a little bit of home and a unique Australian experience in Vancouver.

Well it’s certainly as described on box. It seems to be staffed entirely by Australians, many of whom are from Perth like the owner. I had an Aussie Burger, with Beetroot + Fried Egg + Pineapple. It did indeed remind me of home. Also the chairs were EXACTLY the same as the ones that KK’s/The Last Drop in Crawley used to have before it turned upmarket. Down to the varnish on the arms turning gooey and coming off.

On the downsides, just like home they charge for drink refills and extra sauces. So just like home, you don’t have to tip, right? :P I kid, I kid. I did tip, as is the local custom.

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