Sunset has been pretty awesome lately, but it is really getting earlier. Setting at almost 9:30 at night, instead of 10:30.

Sunset, 11 August 2010

In somewhat sad news, it seems there is some dust inside my 100-400 lens. I have no idea where though, it’s not on the front or back elements. Apparently the trombone design sucks air+dust in and isn’t so great about blowing the dust back out. Thankfully it’s in a corner of the image (which would mean it would suck on a full frame camera.. hrms..) and it only shows up under certain situations.

I tried taking some test photos at both ends of the range, and it wasn’t in some of them, and it was in some others. As cleaning the lens is $299 from Canon, I’ll wait till it becomes a real issue. Still happy with the lens, and I bought it in knowledge that this could happen to it, but I’m still annoyed it did, as I thought I was being really careful about it.

Of course, the pic embedded is unrelated, and was taken with my 17-55 f/2.8IS lens, which takes awesomely sharp images.

Also unrelated to a 400mm lens, my flash reflector arrived from China. Worth both dollars I paid for it, will have some fun on the weekend.

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