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So what’s the difference between the Greens and the Australian Sex Party? (hereafter ASP). A question was asked by a friend. Without a doubt, the Greens have a much more broad spectrum platform. ASP is basically libertarian on social issues, without significant comment on other areas. So to make this easy, I’m going to talk […]

15 Aug, 2010

Abbotsford International Airshow

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Please forgive me in advance for the nerding.. Went to the Abbotsford International Airshow yesterday while Liz was at Anime Evolution (I bought a ticket to that too, but haven’t been making as good use as her :) The drive there was incredibly slow in parts, despite being on the Trans-Canada highway, and I think […]

12 Aug, 2010


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Sunset has been pretty awesome lately, but it is really getting earlier. Setting at almost 9:30 at night, instead of 10:30. In somewhat sad news, it seems there is some dust inside my 100-400 lens. I have no idea where though, it’s not on the front or back elements. Apparently the trombone design sucks air+dust […]

  • CentOS LVM resize in VMWARE | [...] Referrence:
  • alex: Yeah, it looks likes that's the case.
  • dionrowney: I tried this but had problems with lvm recognizing the free space after the new partition was created. I had to reboot instead of running 'partprob


After years of doing manually, I've finally given in and moved to Wordpress. Just in time to move overseas, because I haven't got anything else to do with my time...