Over our adult years, we’ve done a lot of travel together, and still are on speaking terms. Here’s where we’ve been:

Alex as an Exchange Student, 1998-1999:

  • Anchorage AK,¬†Toronto ON, Montreal QC, Batavia NY, Niagara Falls ON, London ON, Toronto ON, Ottawa ON, Montreal QC, Quebec City QC, New York NY, Washington DC, Train from Toronto to Vancouver, Jasper AB, Vancouver BC, Seattle WA

Alex by himself, 2002:

  • Toronto ON, London ON, Batavia NY, New York NY, Boston MA, Montreal QC, Vancouver BC

Alex by himself, 2003:

  • Tokyo, Vancouver BC, Toronto ON, London ON, London England

Alex and Elizabeth, 2004:

  • Melbourne, Tokyo

Alex and Elizabeth, 2005:

  • Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Alex and Elizabeth, 2006:

  • Brisbane, Coolum Beach Qld, Noosa Qld
  • Singapore, Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Airdrie AB, Banff AB, Toronto ON, London ON, Montreal QC, London England

Alex, 2007:

  • Toronto ON, London ON, San Francisco CA (Apple WWDC07!)

Alex and Elizabeth, 2007:

  • Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong

Alex and Elizabeth, 2008:

  • Sydney Australia
  • Zurich, Wengen (Switzerland), Vienna (Wien), Paris, London England, Singapore

Alex and Elizabeth, 2009:

  • Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane
  • Vancouver BC
  • Toronto + London ON
  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR

Alex and Elizabeth, 2010:

  • Perth and Onslow, Australia
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Eugene, OR

Alex and Elizabeth, 2011:

  • Perth, Australia
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan, for 7 hours (we went into the city!)
  • Osoyoos, BC
  • Seattle, WA
Planned for 2011:
  • Costa Rica!
  • Portland
  • New York, Washington DC

  • CentOS LVM resize in VMWARE | [...] Referrence:
  • alex: Yeah, it looks likes that's the case.
  • dionrowney: I tried this but had problems with lvm recognizing the free space after the new partition was created. I had to reboot instead of running 'partprob


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