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26 May, 2010


Posted by: alex in: Gibbering

Some of you may not have seen this on Facebook/twitter, but after much discussion and thinking about moving, etc, we bought a car – a 2005 Toyota Prius – in white. We’ve done 400kms since thursday on it. The novelty of having a car is still new. It’s got 4.9L/100KM (48mpg) so far, so my […]

  • CentOS LVM resize in VMWARE | [...] Referrence:
  • alex: Yeah, it looks likes that's the case.
  • dionrowney: I tried this but had problems with lvm recognizing the free space after the new partition was created. I had to reboot instead of running 'partprob


After years of doing manually, I've finally given in and moved to Wordpress. Just in time to move overseas, because I haven't got anything else to do with my time...