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16 Aug, 2009

People I admire…

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Some of you may have noticed I like to make stuff. Or at least talk about making stuff. Regardless, the ideas are there. Being a sharing person, let me show you the sites of some people I admire for their skills and abilities, and why I admire them: Mike Harrison – Kenneth Maxon – […]

09 Aug, 2009

Can has jobs?

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We went to Ontario about 9 days ago for a week. It was great to see everyone again. The day we flew was pretty busy, as we both started it with interviews. Elizabeth got offered her job, accepted it, and will be starting on August 20th or so. Mine went well too, and I’ve been […]

09 Aug, 2009

Thieving gits

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Before we left for Canada our plans were thrown into more than a bit of disarray by theiving gits who broke into my mum’s house and stole a bunch of our stuff, including laptops and most of my coin and banknote collection, which I had been collecting since I was 7.

For the benefits of the internet and google, this is a rundown of what was stolen. If you happen to come across these, please let me know, and I will pass details onto the Police. Or just call the Western Australian Police yourself.

  • CentOS LVM resize in VMWARE | [...] Referrence:
  • alex: Yeah, it looks likes that's the case.
  • dionrowney: I tried this but had problems with lvm recognizing the free space after the new partition was created. I had to reboot instead of running 'partprob


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