22 Oct, 2009

Mike Neville

Posted by: alex in: Gibbering

I received news that my former boss at UWA Arts, Mike Neville, passed away sometime last night.

There’s so much that could be said. I know he pretty seriously pissed off some people doing his job at UWA, but in the end he was a force for doing things right, and he was still there after they left. He was also a geek at heart, and we often chatted about the esoterics of computer and electronics hardware.

On a more personal level, I thought he was a great guy, both in and out of work. My heart goes out thinking of his wife, delightfully nutty daughter and son. He was also a great friend and mentor to so many of us, but I think none more so than my former co-worker Dan.

I’ll really miss the guy when I am next in Perth.


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